Meridian Home Inspection, LLC

25 Emmaus Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28805

Services and Fees


Schedule of Home Inspection Fees (call anytime for a detailed fee quote)

Use this chart to determine base fee and see below for additional fees:

Up to 1000 square feet (sf) $375.00
1000 to 2000 sf $425.00
2001 to 2500 sf $450.00
2501 to 3000 sf $475.00
3001 to 3500 sf $500.00
3501 to 4000 sf $550.00
4001 to 4500 sf $575.00
4501 to 5000 sf $625.00
5001 sf and up* $700.00*

*Additional sf over 5000 add 20 cents/square foot. Please call for a detailed fee quote.

Homes over 10 years old add $25.00

Homes over 20 years old add $50.00

Homes over 60 years old add $75.00

Additional charges apply detached garages, studios and apartments. Please call for a detailed fee quote.

Additional charges apply for commercial properties. Please call for details.


Travel charge for services performed outside of Buncombe County: A travel charge may apply (up to$50.00 each trip). Please call for a quote.

Other Services

Radon testing at time of inspection*:
Using state of the art electronic continuous radon monitor : $130.00

Residential Radon Mitigation:   Repair services and free phone consultation. Call for pricing

*Radon testing independent of a Home Inspection, add $30.00 to above fees.